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At Alcogiene®, we envision a future where our loved ones are safely protected from harmful germs and viruses. We use our expertise in science and engineering to provide safe, effective and scientifically proven products to be used in your everyday life.



We believe that everyone should have access to good hygiene to stay healthy. Alcogiene® is serious about providing good quality and reliable sanitisation and disinfectant products for the protection of our family and friends. You can count on us to ensure our products are rigorously tested and manufactured according to international standards so you are free to focus on what really matters – spending time with your loved ones.



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Elite Advanced Materials Sdn. Bhd

Elite Advanced Materials (M) Sdn. Bhd. [EAM] is a boutique high purity solvent producer serving a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical, medicals, chemicals, cosmetic to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Since 2014, EAM has been focusing on producing high quality solvent products through their proprietary processes and stringent quality management system.

EAM also strives to assist their clients in building a sustainable business through customised delivery methods, customised blends and partaking in new products development. The driving force behind the company is the passion to deliver products of the highest quality to their clients. The company believes in using science and technological advancement to deliver results in today’s fast changing environment. They are committed to delivering the most responsible and effective products to meet their clients’ needs.