The COVID-19 pandemic which broke out in early 2020 has definitely changed the way we live our daily lives. There are new norms to adhere to, and we as a community have to adopt good hygiene practices, practice the new norms and change our lifestyles for the better. From how we socialize, to how we approach things at home, this also includes the way we carry ourselves at work.

Did you know that taking care of your personal cleanliness and hygiene goes a long way and is definitely beneficial for everyone in the workplace? Here are 5 reasons why you should take it seriously.

Reason #1: You prevent the spread of viruses, germs and bacterias at your workplace


As per set by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, it is mandatory for those at the workplace to follow the new health Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This in addition to keeping their usual basic hygiene practices uptight. Checking temperatures, getting your hands sanitized – these new normals are set in such a way that most companies are following procedures to make sure their employees are safe from harmful viruses, germs and bacterias.

Besides, an unhygienic workplace will always increase cases of employee absenteeism. If you have substandard hygiene in the office, expect you and your colleagues to take more sick leaves.

Reason #2: Everyone will be healthier, happier and productive

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With the pandemic being rampant, everyone is worried about a lot of things. Many are concerned not only just about their own safety but the safety of their loved ones at home. The act of keeping your workplace clean and adhering to the SOPs shows that the company cares about their employees, and is one way to make your employees much more focused, happier and more productive. This provides peace of mind to those that do not have the convenience of working from home.

A clean working environment makes everyone healthier and much more driven to do their jobs to the best of their ability. This creates an environment where the relationship between employers and employees thrive, and most importantly for the company’s benefit.

Reason #3: Everyone’s collective effort will improve company image

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Employees are not the only ones that are within the compounds of the company. There are also visitors and most importantly, clients to consider. A well-kempt, organised business place always leaves a good impression on them. As such, it is a good idea to maintain hygiene and cleanliness not only indoors but also in any outdoor areas.

A good word goes a long way in any industry – leaving a good impression on past, present and future clients does wonders for the profitability of a company. A potential prospect may or may not take you seriously,  depending on how they think of your company. This covers not only the environment, but also how clean their employees are.

Reason #4: In the long run, you can save more on what you spend on cleaning costs and refurbishment


Not only that people need to take care of their own cleanliness, but it is also important for them to take care of the cleanliness of their important assets. Costly assets such as computers, the coffee machine, and the lunchroom microwave may also sustain damages due to poor cleanliness maintenance. Replacing items such as carpets and mats just because of them being dirty, every now and then can be too much of a costly affair.

By maintaining good levels of cleanliness in the workplace, companies can save on cleaning costs and refurbishments, which may become necessary if the premises are not properly maintained.

Reason #5: By maintaining cleanliness, you can even prevent workplace accidents

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Dirty, slippery floors may cause people to fall and be involved in dangerous accidents. If the office floors are mopped and cleaned on a regular basis, the very likelihood for accidents to occur is relatively slim.

Depending on the victim’s luck, they might even experience major injuries such as broken limbs or fractured bones. To help prevent injuries such as those, make sure all your office floors are cleaned on a regular basis. Always have proper mats placed in areas where slips, trips, and falls are most likely to happen. Using an absorbent material at the places where there is a wet floor is advisable. This will definitely lessen accidents due to slippery floors.

Keeping your workplace clean and sanitary starts with you.


It’s proven that maintaining a properly kept and hygienic workplace reaps many benefits in the long run. To achieve such desirable results, it is essential that everyone know that they play a part. It all starts at an individual level. It’s the small things that matter, therefore starting small is never wrong – it can be as simple as purchasing a hand rub for self-use in the workplace. At Alcogiene, we realize how important it is to keep proper hygiene and cleanliness, and therefore do our best to provide everyone the protection they deserve. If you need help choosing a hand rub that will keep you and your family safe and healthy, try our hand sanitizers.

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